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What' new in Ace Screensaver

Version 2.40
New Screensaver Engine, more stable.
Add Fade In/Out transitions.
Improve the speed when load and saver large amounts of pictures.
Fixed some bugs which will lock system sometimes.

Version 2.21
"Zip and Send" bug fixed.
Some little bugs fixed.

Version 2.20
Plus the ability to add images from folder.
Fixed some bugs when build a screensaver with more than 1000 pictures.

Version 2.01
More transitions, minor bug fixed.

Version 2.0
Plus the ability to create a self-installing executable screen savers and send to your family and friends.
Add "Load" and "Save as" settings.
And minor bug fixed.

Version 1.31
New interface, more easy to use.
Add RMI music support.
Rewrite help document.
Fix multi midi playing problem.
Fixed bug slow under win2000, and other minor bug fixed.

Version 1.3
Adds MIDI and WAV support.
add 8 transition effects and many other improvements.
There is also a few minor bug fixes.